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How to lose unnecessary kilograms?

Certainly, many people wonder how to get rid of unnecessary kilograms in a simple and accessible way. After all, everyone dreams of being slim and healthy. Another way many people want to lose weight is by wanting to please a third party. Thin people, unlike obese people, are more often described as attractive. How to lose unnecessary kilograms?…

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Are YouTube dislikes important?

Every YouTube content creator or YouTuber hopes for engagements when they a new vidoe. This engagement comes in the form of comments, likes, shares, and, of course, dislikes. But do dislikes matter? Should you be concerned about dislikes or even “want” them? This article takes a detailed look on the importance of YouTube dislikes and…

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What is Tokenization?

Tokens for “digital tokens” representing assets; They search from a blockchain (i.e. a distributed database of a blockchain) that was created for a specific cryptocurrency, and its coins are used as a means of payment in a given ecosystem. In a particular blockchain network, you can see different tokens, where this is our Tecra Space…

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