Renovation and construction company from Vienna

Plasterboard is a very versatile material that is often used in interior finishing.

It works very well for finishing the attic. After insulating with wool or foam from the inside, we use plasterboards that allow easy surface finishing. In this case, we can use special tapes connecting the boards and quickly fill the holes left by the mounting screws.

Renovation and construction company from Vienna

Interior finishing with plasterboard

Plasterboards are also used instead of plaster, in this case we create a special frame fixed to the wall, to which we screw the boards. It is a cheaper solution than plaster, additionally, it does not require specialized equipment or knowledge about plastering. It is also a much faster solution than plastering, remember that wet plaster must fall asleep properly so that it can be painted. In this case, the boards can be painted immediately after completing the joints and filling the mounting holes. Another great advantage is the speed of assembly, which is why the boards are more and more often used for various tasks.

Plasterboards are also used in office buildings, wherever we want to quickly erect partition walls, aluminum frame and plasterboards will be a very good solution. Thanks to this, the walls are thin, which saves space compared to traditional brick walls. We can install them quickly, and they are also easy to dismantle. Companies that have buildings for renting office space often use this solution. In addition, the board also works well on the ceiling, gypsum boards are easy to process, so the use of various types of lighting, including round lamps, will not be a problem in this case. In addition, we can easily make holes for electrical and internet wires.

There is an experienced renovation and construction company in Vienna that makes interiors from plasterboard, on the website we can find details about offers. Specialists can also carry out thermal insulation in Vienna and the surrounding area, the offer also includes the reconstruction of the attic with full insulation and finishing.