Why are metal furniture accessories better?

Furniture accessories are items found in every piece of furniture. There is no doubt about it. It is impossible to create a piece of furniture without furniture hinges or drawer runners.

The market for furniture accessories is very large. You can find a number of products of different types and at different prices. As a rule, plastic furniture accessories are cheaper. Drawer slides made of plastic can be bought for just a few pounds. Similarly, furniture hinges. Of course, plastic hinges contain metal elements, but they are still much cheaper than strictly metal hinges. It is still worth betting on furniture accessories made of metal.

Why are metal furniture accessories better?

The answer to this question is obvious. They are much more durable than plastic ones, which sometimes break when they are put on. Metal ones have a more massive construction, which makes them more durable, almost completely resistant to damage, and also much easier to install. An example of this is drawer slides. Plastic ones need to be drilled or bought to fit perfectly into the holes made in the drawers. Metal ones usually have a lot of holes, from which you can choose those that match the holes in the drawers and just screw in the vows into those holes.

Metal furniture accessories sometimes need to be lubricated

Just like plastic furniture accessories, metal ones also need to be lubricated at times. Here, however, lubrication is much faster and lasts longer. The products for lubrication of such elements are not numerous. It is worth choosing for example graphite lubricants. They do not stain as others do, they are easy to use and provide long-term protection and proper functioning of furniture accessories. It is worth being aware that in addition to lubricants in the full sense of the word, there are also lubricants in a washer. It is worth deciding on them. Some have long tubes, thanks to which the lubricant can be introduced into the nooks and crannies of accessories, without having to disassemble drawers or other furniture components.

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Replacement of furniture accessories with metal ones

Plastic furniture accessories reign supreme in cheap furniture. Sometimes it is worth deciding to replace them with metal ones already at the time of assembling the furniture. Of course, this will involve additional costs, but they will not be high. Replacing furniture accessories with metal ones, however, will extend the life of the furniture and make it much easier to use. With the replacement of accessories can handle virtually anyone, so there is also no need to hire anyone for such work.