Caffeine – faster readiness for exercise

A heavy load on the nervous system is the norm these days.

Long working hours and household duties can make life miserable. If you want to take extra care of your physical condition, your workouts often fall short of perfection. Everything is caused by sluggishness and slowing down of the nervous system connected with exertion. Training in this state is not a pleasure, but a sad duty – and it shouldn’t be like that… Caffeine can be a great solution to these problems.

Caffeine – functionality and research

Caffeine is added to many pre-workout products, it’s available in chocolate, bars, coffee, tea and even in tablets. Athletes very often and willingly reach for this natural agent. Its effect is even described as pro-health – people who regularly consume coffee suffer from far fewer various diseases than those who do not.


From an athlete’s perspective, what matters is mainly performance and stimulation. Stimulation is based on the opposite mechanism – because caffeine somehow inhibits the nervous system to slow down its activity by blocking certain transmitters. This is where the feeling of arousal comes from after taking a dose of caffeine. Thanks to that, if you use caffeine 30 minutes before a workout you can feel clear, fresh and regain the joy of exercise.

Additionally, caffeine can improve workout performance, which is clearly confirmed by independent scientific studies. It’s not a huge difference, but it has definitely shown that people who take caffeine before a flat bench workout have better performance progression in retrospect than people who don’t take caffeine.

Caffeine - faster readiness for exercise

Side effects

Side effects are quite dependent on individual preference. However, the opposite effect happens after caffeine has stopped. There is often a sudden drop in power, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating and headaches. Therefore, it is best to tailor your caffeine dosage to your individual needs and take it to stay away from these unpleasant side effects.