Adaptogens – the way to constant stress and fatigue

Constant stress and tiredness are unpleasant factors that unfortunately affect more and more people these days.

The constant pursuit of better results at university, work or sports can be a burden on the body. The worst thing is that it falls like “under the gutter” from one stress factor to another without having a moment to reset and rest. This is where fatigue and inefficiency emerge. However, there is a natural method that can help with all these ailments…


Adaptogens - the way to constant stress and fatigue

Adaptogens – natural peace and energy

Adaptogens are plant-based remedies derived by natural methods. They are usually ground roots that contain interesting active substances.

Adaptogens are designed to protect the mind from free radicals and their destructive effects. For the Ajuverians, where the plants come from, clarity of mind is of paramount importance. They take care of it with regular use of adaptogens. During their use, however, you need to be very regular – only after time can you notice the effects. In addition, many plants with this effect have the effect of reducing the stress hormone – cortisol, anti-inflammatory effect or improving immunity. These features are very necessary for many people, and most of all for those who are physically active. Adaptogens most often recommended for such people include:

– Muscadix
– Chaga
– Ginseng
– Ashwagandha
– Cordyceps
– Citrite
– Maca
– Mountain Rhodiola rosea

Adaptogens can enhance recovery, reduce stress, and improve performance in the training room. But they are not a magical supplement that will change your life 180 degrees and take your training to new heights. It’s a supplement that can help as long as you follow certain training regimens and eat a sensible, balanced diet. If you take care of these aspects and you are still dissatisfied with your well-being and fitness, only then should you look for further help, which may turn out to be the regular use of adaptogens.