Online internet connection speed test

People looking for internet providers may, for a certain period of time, test various types of solutions, check which internet will be the most beneficial in their case.

It is worth noting that if we live far from places where wired internet is available, then we can use the radio network or those offered by mobile phones. Naturally, in this case, the speed may be slightly lower than in the case of a permanent switch, we can test the links to see if a given provider offers us a connection at a level appropriate to our needs.

Online internet connection speed test

Why is it worth doing a link speed test?

We will receive information on downloading and sending data, it will give us basic data about the internet. In addition, we will receive information about our IP, ping, and the name of our provider will also be recognized. Fast internet will be important, for example, for gamers who want to watch movies in high definition. In this case, we should note that it should be a link with a speed of at least 50 or 100 MB / s, giving us the opportunity to play freely on the network and watch movie streams. In this case, we can use the HBO or Netflix offer, which currently offers movies and series in 4K quality, which will naturally need an appropriate fast connection.

At home, we often use various devices connected to one router via cables or we will connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. We can use phones, tablets, connect a TV set. Of course, we will also connect our game consoles to the router, it is worth paying attention in this case that the games will be downloaded, updated, therefore the console will also need an appropriate connection.

On sites like speed test we can check whether the internet is working properly, sometimes it may happen that we notice a slow website performance, then we can check the speed. The slowdown can be caused by updating software, for example, graphics drivers, anti-virus software or game updates. Thanks to telephones, we can also check the speed of wireless connections throughout the building.