Organization of an industry conference – what gadgets are worth investing in?

Organizing an industry conference is a great way to enhance the visibility of the company and gain new investors and business partners. In order to stand out even more and keep the business in the minds of the attendees, it is a good idea to prepare branded advertising gadgets and give them away as gifts.

Why is it worth investing in advertising gadgets for the industry conference?

Advertising gadgets are an easy, yet effective way to stand out from the crowd and make sure potential customers, business partners and investors will notice and remember the company. They  can evoke positive associations with brands they promote and prompt future collaborations. Advertising gadgets, especially if they are functional, are proven to greatly improve brand recognition, which is why it is worth investing in them and giving them away during industry conferences and other events of this sort.

Personalization of advertising gadgets

To ensure their effectiveness, the advertising gadgets used and given away during an industry conference should be personalized. Customization in this case calls for including the company’s logo or other advertising content, for instance a promotional slogan. It leads to great marketing opportunities and enhances exposure.

A good practice is to place on a gadget not only the logo, but also the phone number, website, and e-mail address of the company. That way the information will be remembered and always at hand when the potential client needs it. Personalizing the gadget in this way is especially effective when the item in question is something that can be used on a daily basis.

What gadgets are the most useful for the conference participants?

The list of gadgets that can be useful both for the speakers and the audience members is rather long. Every industry has its own rules and its best to always prepare accessories tailored to the needs and preferences of the intended recipient. There are, however, universal gadgets that can please virtually every crowd. They consist of:

  • pens and pencils,
  • notebooks,
  • mugs,
  • reusable water bottles,
  • fabric bags,
  • flash drives.

Items useful during a business conference for all participants, which can later be used in everyday life, are also custom clipboards with logo, advertisement ring binders, and customized folders.

Custom clipboards with logo

Custom clipboards with logo allow the conference speakers and attendees to keep track of all the notes, discussion materials, brochures, and pamphlets. They facilitate the presentation and are invaluable in situations calling for a rigid base for writing on the go. Promotional custom clipboards with logo are also a way to demonstrate professionalism, help create visual identity of the company, and attract the attention of potential customers, investors, and business partners.

Advertisement ring binders

Advertisement ring binders are a very useful tool for storing notes and presentation materials. They are characterized by high aesthetics and sublime quality of workmanship. Personalized ring binders are durable, yet very elegant. To fit the company’s visual identity, they can be decorated with colorful, eye-catching prints. It is possible to cover them with anti-scratch film or UV varnish, which offers additional protection from damage.

Advertisement ring binders are available in various formats and come with visual identifications for better organization.

Customized folders

Customized folders are a must-have of every business conference and make for a great gadget to give away to potential clients, investors, and business partners. They allow packing presentation materials in a safe manner, and later can be used to store other documents. Customized conference folders are hard, sturdy, and capacious. They are made with different spine widths, can be equipped with a closing mechanism that uses magnet, elastic or Velcro and can come with a handle for more comfortable transport. Similar to clipboards and ring binders, the customized folders can be decorated with interesting designs and help with promotion, which makes them extremely useful in the process of building a coherent visual identity of the brand.

Another interesting advertising gadget a company can prepare to give away during an industry conference is a personalized calendar. Unlike previously mentioned accessories, however, it comes handy rather after, and not during the event.

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